I am

A young entrepreneur, passionate architect,
born artist and a wanderer

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R impy Pillania is a young entrepreneur, passionate architect, born artist and a wanderer. She believes in living life to the fullest and experiencing all the pleasure and joys that comes her way.

Her belief in sharing ideas that can help people create anything is what she follows in everything she does.

She is the founding principal of Avant Garde Studio, an architecture and interior firm that follows the principle of offering design to help people create a business/brand and lifestyle they love. She specialises in providing Architectural and Interiors Design for Hospitality / Food Chains and Retail outlets , Townships / Residential complexes , Office Space . She has in depth knowledge of Architectural Design be it Functional , Optimal and Contemporary.

In the world through which I travel I am endlessly creating myself.

She has been a wanderer and travelled to national and international destinations.

The enthusiast in her helps her meet new people and learn new things. She believes in expanding her skills and want to be a lifelong learner.

Travel has not only inspired her to showcase bold architecture in her design ideologies but also inspired her as an artist. Not being able to carry an artwork so unique and inviting made her come with the idea of wearable art world. Partner in "Pure Veg Shoes" , she has made it possible for 'art to do all the walking'. Each shoe is turner into personalised piece of art, one-of-its-kind. All shoes are hand painted and depict different artworks.

Rimpy has always been a focused person and is dedicated to put her passions and skills to good use by creating something useful of it.